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cathychatterton2016Since this is what most people call the happiest day of their lives, including Cathy brings heart and happiness to your photographs.  As a naturally happy and cheerful person, Cathy’s eye seeks out these qualities in other people to show not only how it looked to be at your wedding, but how it felt. Now in her 18th year, Cathy has refined her photojournalistic style of shooting weddings into an artistic, candid recollection of the day.  Her goal is to capture your day the way it actually happened. One of the most frequent comments from Cathy’s clients is how her presence is more like having a  friend there, than a photographer.  By creating a relaxing and spontaneous atmosphere, brides and grooms can do their most important job – be themselves.

A graduate of Sheridan College’s renowned Photography program, Cathy’s work ranges from weddings to magazines, and advertising work.  Her editorial photography has appeared in magazines and books throughout North America and around the Globe. You may have seen her work in such magazines as Chatelaine, Homemakers, Readers Digest and many more. Some highlights of her career have been photographing David Suzuki, Keith Urban, Debbie Travis and among other things, Grannies on motorbikes.  When asked what she prefers to do the most, her answer is this – “There’s nothing better than being in the front row seat of a great love story every weekend”

Since each event is very unique, please give us a call at 416-253-7504 for a custom quote. 

Regardless of what combination of items you choose, your unmarked, high resolution digital files are always included.  This means you can print any of your own photos if you wish, or you can choose to order from us.

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Words from Cathy Chatterton’s Clients…

“We are ECSTATIC about our pics!  They couldn’t have turned out any better!  You truly did capture the joy we felt that day and the love and happiness of our friends and family.  You made each picture beautiful.  You captured moments in time that are such fond memories.  Looking through the hundreds of pictures brings us back to what a wonderful day it was and the intensity of the love we share and what that day meant to us.  We thank you for being you and for being so wonderful.  You have such skill and talent that it’s truly amazing.  We’ve already shown friends in California and can’t wait to show friends and family back in T.O. as well.  You’re the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER!” -Rachel and Alex, August 2006

“Cathy, Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day! We couldn’t be happier with our photographs and we will enjoy looking at them for years to come. You are extremely talented and I am so happy that you were able to capture our wedding day. “ -Carlie and Brian, July 2011

“Dear Cathy; I can’t begin to tell you how much Kim and I are enjoying your pictures. You seemed to capture all the love and feeling throughout the day. From the bottom of our hearts…thank you! -Chuck and Kim, parents of the bride, July 2011

“I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful the pictures you took of our wedding are. All I’ve done since we picked them up is look at them over and over (well, as many times as you can when there are so many!). Every time I think I’ve found my favourite, I’ll see another one and decide that that one is my favourite. You perfectly captured the fun we had and the personalities of ourselves and our friends and family shine through. I can’t stop smiling when I look at them because they are so real. I knew from the time we met you so long ago that you were perfect for us and I never had a moment’s doubt or concern about that aspect of the wedding. And yet, even though I knew they would be fabulous, I didn’t understand exactly how important that would be until after the wedding. Looking at your photos, it is like reliving it over again. We had lots of people commenting on how great you were, how you were everywhere and catching everything worth taking pictures of. You were another guest with a really great camera, more than a professional photographer, and that made a huge difference. You were without a doubt worth every penny, and more. I only hope that other brides feel half this happy with their pictures. Thank you so, so much.” -Tahlia and Robert , August 2005

“Thank you for making Allison & Tom’s day so special with your photography. You have a lovely way with people and that way was very much appreciated!! You made us feel a lot more relaxed about the “shots”. Thank you for your part in making our day a great day!” –Linda, mother of the bride, August 2009

“Cathy, all I can say is WOW. You have done such a spectacular job. You have such a gift, thank you for capturing our wedding!” “You were so wonderful on the wedding day, I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer! The pictures themselves are perfect, actually better than that. The reason I hired you was because your photos, above all other photographers I looked at (and trust me that was a lot), seemed to capture the heart and life of the people in the pictures. It’s like this unmistakable quality to your photos that other photographers don’t have.  I know that this is because you’re good, but I think it’s also because you come across in the photos you take, and you’re simply wonderful. They are my most treasured processions, but I think people are getting tired of looking at them! Lol  Anyways, thank you a million, they mean the world to me.” –Katie and James, June 2008

“The books look amazing and I am sooo happy with them. You were one of the best choices we made and we we’re completely happy with your service and the product we received. I can’t stress enough that out of all the Vendors you gave us exactly what you said you would! The quality was even better than I expected.” –Rob and Charlie, September 2010

“You helped make our day absolutely perfect!!  Your energy, spirit and the obvious love you have for what you do, made our day so special! (I don’t think I’ve had that much fun in the rain!) Thank you for sharing your day with us!” -Tara and Mike, Sept. 2006

“We wanted creative, photojournalistic-style shots and a fun, fresh photographer. Cathy Chatterton provided that and more. Everything you read about her is true – she is incredibly friendly, always with a smile on her face and she clearly loves what she does and inspired us to have fun while we were having our photos taken. If you haven’t chosen a photographer, definitely call Cathy.”- Excerpt from review –Claire and Patrick, Sept. 2006

“Our friends and family continue to compliment us on our choice of photographer as you were unobtrusive, somehow managing to completely blend into the wedding without people even noticing your presence.  When the guests actually saw the photographs, they were in awe of how beautiful they turned out, as they hadn’t even realized they were being taken.  You’ve given us the most beautiful representation of such a special day in our memories.  We would recommend you highly to anyone.” –Charlotte and Ross, August 2007

“There are not enough words to describe how amazing Cathy was on our wedding day. She is the one vendor that everyone raved about it. I can’t tell you the number of times guests came up to tell Gary and I how amazing our photographer was. They were so impressed with how many pictures she was taking but also how unobtrusive she was. I was impressed as always, with her warm personality. She has already sent me a teaser of pictures that I have posted and I can tell she completely captured the mood of the day. You will not be disappointed with Cathy—in fact, she will probably exceed all of your expectations!! Without a doubt, she is the best decision we made in regards to the wedding! Cathy, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!” – Excerpt from review -Wendy and Gary, November 2003

“I just wanted to thank you once again for the great job you did at our wedding. I truly feel as if you really did “Capture” every moment of our day to the fullest. It is still exciting to flip the pages of the album you put together and not only am I amazed at the pure number of photos I now have available on CD but also with the quality they were taken with. I love every picture and after viewing the album thought I had seen it all but after seeing the CD’s (and it took days to view them all!) I realized you had captured so much more. Thanks so much for your great job. Not only were you so pleasant to deal with but you have also given me the greatest gift I could receive- my wedding day memories for life. Your style is all that I could ask for and I just wanted to let you know, you have made me very happy- I just want to show the world my wedding pictures.” -Janet And Kris, June 2004

“The pictures are so great I cried. I mean I have seen a LOT of pictures from family and friends, and have seen a lot of good ones….or so I thought they were good until I saw yours! Ian really didn’t want to spend the money on a photographer and it was quite the issue….well, once he looked at the pictures he turned to me and said “Totally worth every penny” They are AMAZING.” -Wendy and Ian, February 2007

“We can’t thank you enough for the incredible job you did on our wedding day. It is hard to know where to begin! Your photographs are absolutely amazing. You captured not only the big moments, but all the little details that otherwise would fade into obscurity at the end of the day. It is unbelievable how many perfect photos one woman can take in the span of six hours, and all with an air of calmness. More, importantly, though, you were really fun to work with. Our smiles were genuine from start to finish, due in no small part to your relaxed, easy-going nature. We noticed, and many of our guests commented on how friendly and patient you were with them. You are a truly talented professional, and we are so happy that you could capture our day for us.” -Jane and Marek, August 2006

“It was worth braving the bridal show for the chance of meeting this wonderful woman. She is so sweet, so kind, so relaxed, so organized, and so stinkin’ talented, that it’s hard to believe. We did our pictures before the ceremony, and were glad. Being around Cathy made us considerably calmer. We had so much fun with the photos. And then throughout the night, she was just everywhere- not obtrusive at all, just capturing all the great moments of the event. With a big smile on her face. If you have not booked a photographer yet, please please consider this woman. It felt like we had another friend there at the wedding.” – Excerpt from review –Erin and Phil, November 2003

“Thank you for making our son, Kevin’s and Bryony’s wedding day so memorable. The photographs taken that day are fabulous. We have viewed all five disks. It will be tough making a decision. The guests at the wedding have all complimented you both. Thank you for the wonderful memories.” –Betty and Aubrey, parents of the groom, May 2004

“Cathy, Thank you so, so much for being our wedding photographer! You take such beautiful photos – we LOVE them and we have had many compliments on them. You are so great to have around – we were concerned that having our photos taken would be uncomfortable and boring – but you blew us away with how friendly and encouraging you are! Thank you for sharing our day with us!” –Tiffany and Paul, July 2007

“Stuart and I wand to thank you so much for being such an important, critical part of our day. You and Catherine did an absolutely fabulous job of capturing the most important and candid pictures of our day. I have looked at them a million times and absolutely LOVE them. Stuart and I are going to have a difficult time making our choices because our pictures are ALL beautiful. Stuart looks so handsome and you helped me feel like a princess. Thank you for all of your hard work, patience, and helping me smile! –Christine and Stuart, May 2004

“Thank you for your help in creating a special and memorable wedding day for Carly and Steve.  Your down to earth and laid back attitude was appreciated throughout the day and evening and I know that it allowed Carly, Steve and their families to relax and enjoy each moment.  I can’t wait to see the photos!  It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to the opportunity of working with you again.” -Jodi Gagne, Simply Perfect Wedding Planning, Sept. 2011

“Dear Cathy, Thank you so much for your amazing work- these photos are truly a major contribution to what will be our ongoing memories of this day and your joyful easy-going presence was a major contribution to the enjoyment and peace of mind at the time. Superlative work! (Everybody says so)” -Daniel and Brenda, August 2010

“Both Ross and I want to thank you for being part of our wedding day. Your positive energy and enthusiasm captured our attention when we first met you! Thanks again! -Jen and Ross, October 2003

“We’ve looked through all the pics (both the prints and the discs) and we don’t know how we’re going to choose. I bet you hear that all the time. But seriously, there are so many great shots. Thanks a bunch for all your hard work. We heard many great things about your from all of our guests. -Heather and Jeff, Oct. 2004

“You have made what we thought was a perfect day of romance and camaraderie and beauty in all its forms  seem even more amazing in photographs than the reality.  I even think I look good! Now that’s tough to do ; ) Thank you, thank you, thank you.” –Gweneth, mother of the bride, July 2009

“We can’t thank you enough for agreeing to photograph our wedding, and for your outstanding professionalism and energy throughout the process. We were so impressed by your subtle and thoughtful presence during the wedding, and were blown away by the unique and candid shots you were able to capture. Thank you, Cathy! This card does not even begin to express our sincere gratitude.” –Erin and Will, August 2007

“You really captured the moments of the day. I was up very early on Sat and looking through them and the pictures made me cry…because I felt like I was reliving the day when I was looking at them.” –Jenn and JY, June 2011

“Cathy, Dennis and I are so glad that we chose you to be our photographer. Everyone was so impressed with all of your shots. You have an amazing eye when it comes to candid photos. You were able to capture all of the special moments throughout the day. Thank-you so much!! We will definitely recommend you to any of our friends who will be getting married in the future.” –Andrea and Dennis, October 2005

“I just finished looking at Emersyn’s pics, and they are absolutely stunning, I couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect to capture the memories of our first daughter. You have now done our engagement shots, our wedding, and our newest addition, and each time you truly amaze me with your work.  I truly hope you continue doing photography, because I can honestly say that I don’t think I could ever trust capturing our memories to anyone else.  You have a true gift in what you do.  You capture the little things that usually go unseen, but because of you they become another memory. Thank you again, you have made me one very happy (and teary eyed) mommy!!!!” –Fiona and daughter Emersyn, May 2007

“Dear Cathy, Thank you for adding to the joyful spirit of our wedding day with such professional photography. Your kindness and fun attitude really contributed to a stress-free day! We absolutely love the photographs and even though we’ve looked through them almost a hundred times it always seems to amaze us when we find a spectacular shot that we swear we didn’t see the first few times. You were able to capture so many great moments and for this we are truly thankful.” – Lyn and Layi, August 2007

“Oh my god – I’m speechless!!! Cathy!!! WOWWWWW!!! Those are absolutely stunning! I love all of them!! Thanks so much for sending that to me. Oh man, I’m going to be up all night looking at those over and over. You are SO good at what you do. Way to really capture the moments. I’m thrilled. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!” –Giselle and Anthony, May 2010

“Dear Cathy, How can we thank you enough? The pictures are AMAZING! You captured Rachel and Niilo’s wedding perfectly!  So many of our friends have commented on the wonderful moments you captured. You have an amazing talent! Thank you for all the special photos of candles, flowers etc.! Also, our friends commented on how “invisible” you were. They couldn’t believe the shots you got! Our church friends appreciated your sensitivity during our worship, too. Thanks for sharing your creativity and for ensuring our memories have been captured forever! ” –Gary & Victoria, parents of the bride, July 2008

“Dear Cathy, Thank you for capturing the excitement and enthusiasm of our wedding day. You are amazing! We tell everyone about how great a photographer you are and look forward to calling on you again as other life events require celebrating.” -Julie & Jethro, June 2008